3 C’s for Casey – Part II: Collaboration

By now, hopefully you’ve caught up on what I told you about the elevator pitch and what I think about creativity. Which leaves me at part 2 of this series, collaboration. It’s actually funny when I think about collaboration, because college-aged Casey hated working in groups. It seemed like there was always someone slacking their way through a project, and surprise, surprise, not much is different in the professional world! Just kidding, to an extent! In our organization, I find that even when we approach project collaboratively, there’s a whole lot that has to be delegated when it comes to execution and who’s responsible for which action item. But even despite the fact some plates leave the table fuller than others, I know I thrive in a collaborative work environment. Continue reading

To do lists, planner and organizations… back to school we go!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a type A personality. I love my planner, I require checklists to ensure I’m getting things done, I’m calm when my week is mapped out ahead of time, and I get extreme gratification checking those little boxes off! With the start of a new school year and a fifth grade student in a new school, I was feeling the pinch as a single mom to ensure our schedules matched up. Between both of my jobs, my commitment as a board member and Science Kid Caiden’s Tae Kwon Do classes, piano lessons and homework – I knew I needed a plan. Luckily for me, there are a few easy things I could do make both of our lives easier.  Continue reading

3 Year Cheer

3 Year Cheer

I’m pretty sure the first time I walked into the then Town of Fishers’ City Hall I was in fourth grade. I decided that year I was going to enter the 4-H Science Fair’s community category and create a display board all about Fishers. Though the details are fuzzy to recall now, I think my presentation was about the different parts of my community. I included City Hall, the Fishers Police Station, the local barbershop, Archer’s Meats & Catering, and probably a few other things only my mom could recall on demand. Fast forward over 20 years (stop trying to guess my age!), and I’m quietly celebrating my third year working for the, now, City of Fishers.  Continue reading