ready for takeoff.

“You’re always everywhere.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that comment in 2019—I’d have my own interstate. You might laugh, but I’m serious. I’ve been living out of a suitcase this year, and an announcement from our company started it all… let me explain. Continue reading

Touchdown D.C.

Bear with me on this one, we’re going to be all over the place—but that is why I started a blog! Kind of. Not really. But stay with me. This year fall break at my son’s school was an entire week. So, I did what any workaholic mom would do—I asked my son to pick a location in the United States, so I could make up for how many nights I end up plugged back into work. To no one’s surprise, my historian 13-year-old picked Washington D.C., and the planning began. Continue reading

indiana dunes.

This summer is a weird one in my household. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going well, and the weather’s been beautiful for the most part. But it’s just not a typical summer around here. I’m finally getting settled into a new role, teaching two classes, and the whole one parent to one child ratio keeps our evenings pretty tied up. So, when I started thinking about a big vacation, I knew it was going to have to wait until Caiden and I adjusted to the new routine. Luckily, a random idea, suggestions from those around me, and a quick drive up north offered us an incredible weekend away. Continue reading

Work means vacation is never the same.

I’ve worked for the City of Fishers, Indiana for three years as the marketing and public relations manager. I love what I do. Partially because I grew up in Fishers and am raising my son here, but also because I’ve been employed by the city while we transitioned from a town to a city of the second-class. In my lifetime our population has grown from a mere 9,000 residents to what we estimate is now about 89,000 residents. Our leaders have had to create a vision for our community and help translate that vision to our 89,000 clients. All in a day’s work huh?  Continue reading