indiana dunes.

This summer is a weird one in my household. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going well, and the weather’s been beautiful for the most part. But it’s just not a typical summer around here. I’m finally getting settled into a new role, teaching two classes, and the whole one parent to one child ratio keeps our evenings pretty tied up. So, when I started thinking about a big vacation, I knew it was going to have to wait until Caiden and I adjusted to the new routine. Luckily, a random idea, suggestions from those around me, and a quick drive up north offered us an incredible weekend away. Continue reading

Kate Spade Sailor Knot


I’ve been knotted lately. You tell a single mom who’s worked at least 2 (at times 3) jobs the last 10 ish years that she’s going to have weeks off in between jobs – it just threw me off! Despite the fact that I’m going to work for an amazing company, and continuing to teach on the side, the whole routine is going to change. While I’m confident that said change will be for the best, I’ve been grappling with the uneasy feelings that change can bring over the last few weeks. Continue reading

Gallery 116

Holiday shopping.. and it begins!

I know I owe the blog a business feature, and I promise that’s coming soon, but right now I’ve got the holidays on my mind! Holiday shopping is my absolute favorite, especially when I can get score a free gift with purchase or discount when making buys for my loved ones. Luckily for me, Gallery 116, one of my favorite stores in the #NickelPlateDistrict is having a Holiday Open House tomorrow (Thursday, November 10th) night! Continue reading


Busy. Busy. Busy! Life has been in overdrive lately, and while I typically love being busy, lately I’ve been craving a Netflix and chill kind of routine. So today I unplugged almost completely and stopped by one of my favorite locations in Fishers. With Science Kid Caiden in tow and bow-tie wearing, Einstein leashed up, it was the perfect way to recharge under the fall sunshine and blue sky.  Continue reading

To do lists, planner and organizations… back to school we go!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a type A personality. I love my planner, I require checklists to ensure I’m getting things done, I’m calm when my week is mapped out ahead of time, and I get extreme gratification checking those little boxes off! With the start of a new school year and a fifth grade student in a new school, I was feeling the pinch as a single mom to ensure our schedules matched up. Between both of my jobs, my commitment as a board member and Science Kid Caiden’s Tae Kwon Do classes, piano lessons and homework – I knew I needed a plan. Luckily for me, there are a few easy things I could do make both of our lives easier.  Continue reading

3 Year Cheer

3 Year Cheer

I’m pretty sure the first time I walked into the then Town of Fishers’ City Hall I was in fourth grade. I decided that year I was going to enter the 4-H Science Fair’s community category and create a display board all about Fishers. Though the details are fuzzy to recall now, I think my presentation was about the different parts of my community. I included City Hall, the Fishers Police Station, the local barbershop, Archer’s Meats & Catering, and probably a few other things only my mom could recall on demand. Fast forward over 20 years (stop trying to guess my age!), and I’m quietly celebrating my third year working for the, now, City of Fishers.  Continue reading

Welcome to Canvas.


Casey Cawthon

For years, I’ve landed in situations that for one reason or another enabled me to provide advice to those around me. Sometimes it was due to paralleled tracks, the ‘I’ve been through it, here’s my experience’ type of thing. Other times it’s been due to my profession, I work full-time in marketing and public relations, and I also teach as an adjunct faculty member at a local university. I also had my son at 17, completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees back-to-back and tried to prioritize community and volunteerism along the way. Regardless of the role I played with my advisees, I was always reiterating the same sentiment, everyone will lay out what brush you should use, what color palate you should have, and what your end picture should look like. But you’re only going to be happy when you start dreaming about what that blank canvas could become. You get to choose what you want to paint with, how you want to paint, and what you want your painting to become… And better yet, if you make a mistake or don’t know what the finished piece looks like, that’s okay. You’re allowed to figure the picture out as you start creating it.

So, here I am, Canvas. A ‘painting’ that will highlight adventures with my little man, Science Kid Caiden, showcase how I work to balance life as a single mother, working two jobs. I’m sure you’ll hear about Einstein the rescue dog, my love/hate relationship with fitness, and how excited I am to create a future I’ve dreamed about. I’m excited to paint my picture with you along the way, and hope you’ll keep reading and commenting along the way.