Hood Feminism

2020 reading list.

I’ve asked for your recommendations, turned to Reece’s Book Club, and simply selected what sounded interesting along the way. As promised, here’s my 2020 reading list—broken down as best I can be genre. Happy to connect over coffee and talk through some of your favorites!

Feel Good Fiction:

  • The Overdue Life of Amy Butler—Kelly Harmes
  • One for the Money—Janet Evanovich
  • A Woman Like Her—Marc Levy
  • This Won’t End Well—Camille Pagán
  • The Wedding War—Liz Talley
  • I’m Fine and Neither are You—Camille Pagán
  • The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay—Kelly Harms
  • Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties—Camille Pagán
  • Life and Other Near-Death Experiences—Camille Pagán
  • Forever is the Worst Long Time—Camille Pagán
  • The Upside of Falling Down—Rebekah Crane
  • The Bette Davis Club—Jane Lotter
  • A Happy Catastrophe—Maddie Dawson
  • A Piece of Normal—Maddie Dawson
  • Big Summer—Jennifer Weiner
  • The Survivor’s Guide to Family Happiness—Maddie Dawson
  • The Proposal—Jasmine Gullory
  • The Vanishing Half—Brit Bennet
  • The Bright Side of Going Dark—Kelly Harms
  • Trophy Life—Lea Geller

Social Science:

  • White Fragility—Robin Diangelo
  • Hood Feminism—Mikki Kendall
  • Start with Why—Simen Sinek
  • American Dirt—Jeanine Cummins
  • Untamed—Glennon Doyle
  • Nothing You Don’t Already Know—Alexander den Heijer
  • The United States of Anxiety—Jen Lancaster
  • Get Out of Your Head—Jennie Allen
  • Five Second Rule—Mel Robbins
  • Talking to Strangers—Malcom Gladwell


  • Scorched—Laura Griffin
  • Twisted—Laura Griffin
  • Whisper of Warning—Laura Griffin
  • Thread of Fear—Laura Griffin
  • The Truth about Aaron—Jonathon Hernandez
  • Unnecessary Roughness—Jose Baez
  • Little Fires Everyone—Celest Ng
  • Regretting You—Colleen Hoover
  • Finding Perfect—Colleen Hoover
  • Hopeless—Colleen Hoover
  • Pretty Little Killers—Rita Herron
  • Black Roses—Samantha Christy
  • Corrupt Kingdom—Ava Harrison
  • Between the Lies—AJ Wills
  • Special Circumstances—Sheldon Siegel
  • Digging In—Loretta Nyhan
  • The Nanny’s Secret—Kiersten Modglin
  • My Husband’s Secret—Kiersten Modglin
  • Whisper Network—Chandler Baker
  • The Wives—Tarryn Fisher
  • The Guest List—Lucy Foley
  • Heart Bones—Colleen Hoover
  • The Last Flight—Julie Clark
  • The Perfect Marriage—Jeneva Rose
  • The Wife Stalker—Liv Constantine
  • The Dilemma—B.A. Paris
  • The Perfect Life—Valerie Keogh
  • The Best of Friends—Lucinda Berry
  • Phantom Limb—Lucina Berry
  • One by One—Ruth Ware
  • The Perfect Couple …Or the Perfect Lie?—Jackie Kabler
  • Perfect Getaway—Kiersten Modglin
  • The Liar’s Wife—Kiersten Modglin
  • Becoming Mrs. Abboott—Kiersten Modglin
  • The Lucky Ones—Kiersten Modglin
  • I Said Yes—Kiersten Modglin
  • The Mother-In-Law—Kiersten Modglin
  • The Hunting Party—Lucy Foley
  • Layla—Colleen Hoover
  • Playing Jenna—Kiersten Modglin
  • The Missing Sister—Elle Marr
  • Too Late–Colleen Hoover
  • The Last Guest House—Megan Miranda
  • Little White Lies—Rita Herron
  • Dead Little Darlings—Rita Herron
  • Black Roses—Samantha Cristy

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