Hustle hard.

I enjoy being busy. Which may be the worst kept secret I’ve got—but I genuinely mean it. I’m often motivated by learning something new or diving into something I’m not quite sure how to do. So, when I accepted my role with Well Done Marketing [oh, by the way, I didn’t forget I owe you an update on that—coming soon!], I was immediately excited to work with a variety of clients across different industries. And while I envisioned my freelance work would dissipate during my first year in agency world, the universe had other plans…

Don’t get me wrong. As if working full-time, being the sole parent to a pre-teen, and teaching three college classes aren’t enough—I’m honestly always busy. But the freelance world has been calling my name. In June, I signed a contract to begin working with Spavia Day Spa—Fishers. Not only is it awesome to keep my Fishers connections strong, I’m really excited to have a spa of this caliber in the community. And, it’s been a wonderful campaign. While it was a short campaign at just about three months in length, we’ve achieved some wonderful results heading into their grand opening this weekend:

  • An increase of 247% on their Facebook page.
  • A coordinated VIP event for local influencers, hosting a number of local bloggers eager to share their experiences at the new spa.
  • A feature in the Current in Fishers.

Though the grand opening is still a few days away, it’s been a pleasure working with Jo and Ken as they bring their dreams of opening a small business to life in Fishers’ Nickel Plate District. And just when I thought things were going to slow down as this contract came to a close—an unexpected door opened.

I’m not shy about my love for Fishers. See here. Or here. And here. Can’t forget here. But when I stepped away from my role with the City of Fishers, my relationship with the community changed some, as was to be expected. Despite my best efforts to stay plugged in, it was no longer a part of my job. I had to seek out ways to get and stay involved, not only in city happenings, but also happenings within Hamilton Southeastern Schools (HSE), on top of said jobs. Which is why the next opportunity felt like gold falling from the sky.

A few weeks ago, I was spent. I left work Friday, with a promise to my son that we’d visit the Indy State Fair that night. But around 3 p.m. I realized I was going to need a cat nap between adventures. When I woke up, 15 minutes later (literally, I set an alarm), I had two emails. The first, from my current boss. The second from an administrator with HSE Schools. HSE Schools’ Student Success Team (HSE SST) was interested in hiring me as a media consultant—and they were interested because my boss indicated I would be a great fit given their needs.

There are more than a few times in my life I’ve waited for Ashton Kutcher to pop up and scream, “PUNKED!” But, to my surprise, it hasn’t happened yet. After a few weeks talking with my family, my office, and the HSESST team; the contract was signed. It’s a brand-new partnership, but it’s already moving in an incredibly successful direction after a few short weeks. And, even more humbling, it’s a two-year contract—a huge win for a new consultant.


I wanted to share these stories because I read an article last week about side hustles (I tried to find and tag it but couldn’t sift through LinkedIn—sorry!). But the article was fairly negative. I get it. A full-time position takes a great deal of time and energy. Adding additional jobs and expectations during the work-week is risky. But, for some, it’s the perfect opportunity to do something a little different while testing the waters—especially if you have support from those around you. What I love about working with Well Done Marketing is the diversity in work, which might very well explain why I love small contracts as well. Getting opportunities to work with new people, on new projects, towards new goals—those are motivators to me. So, for those of you hustlin’ hard on one job—you go! And those of you juggling a few—you go, too! And those of you working while starting passion projects that are yet to yield a paycheck—keep it up, we need more of that! Test the waters. Figure out what works for you. And thrive.

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