Morning must—theSkimm.

As a public relations professional, part of my job is keeping a pulse on things. Ambiguous, I know, but seriously. Being mindful of happenings in client organizations and industries is essential, but it’s advantageous to also have a pulse on community news and national news when it comes to garnering media interest and being strategic. But staying informed isn’t easy or quick. Between daily news clips from our media monitoring platform—oh hey Cision!—Google Alerts, PRSA Issues & Trends, Creative Mornings Global, the IBJ’s Eight@8, and a few other local news outlets—I’m drowning in news!

Before I go too far further on my love for theSkimm, I do need to acknowledge that I check my news emails daily—some a few times throughout the day. I really do think in order to be effective in my industry, I need to be up to speed on headlines and be strategic in my suggestions when clients decide to weigh in on headlines. But, out of every email I get, I really do love theSkimm the most. I’ve also been rocking with them the longest.

So, let’s talk about why I love theSkimm.


You can read all about their history online, but theSkimm was founded in 2012 by Carly Zakin and Daneille Weisberg. These former news producers literally launched the website from their couch—hello entrepreneurial spirit. There’s something I trusted about news gathered and shared by women. Early on in my readership, I trusted that these women have a greater understanding of issues that I face, simply because they’re women themselves. What can I say, a little bit of #GRLPWR is good for the universe!

Stories are short and sweet.

I appreciate the time that goes into journalism and the skill it takes to tell a meaningful story. But when it comes to morning headlines, I don’t always have time for the full story. I find that theSkimm provides concise highlights—think: here’s what you need to know before you step outside today.

Not all stories are short and sweet.

Yeah, I know—I want to have my cake and eat it too. Some stories need additional coverage. Take for example: election season, immigration policy changes, voter registration—these topics require additional explanation. Enter theSkimm.

With these larger topics, they’ve broken them down in digestible sections. During election season, they outline candidates and provide easy-to-understand details about their campaign policies and political stances. A similar tactic was employed with immigration policy changes that have been implemented in recent months. But voter registration may have been my favorite because it empowered citizens and activated them as voters. Not only did emails educate on the importance of this civic freedom, or duty as some may see it, but they provided helpful resources, so readers could click from email to website and register to vote in easy, convenient steps. Brilliant.

theSkimm reads like a friend.

Reviewing news coverage can be like reading a white paper—it’s not always enjoyable by any means. Reading theSkimm is different. It’s like a conversation with a friend. Writers are able to convey personality in hilarious ways, while educating along the way.

The mobile app is where it’s at.

If you missed my love for mobile apps, you can catch up here. I work in public relations, which means my iPhone is always in my hand, my iWatch is always on my wrist, my iPad is in my bag, and I’ve usually got my Mac in front of me. In many ways, navigating technology is part of my job which is why I get excited when I can leverage technology and help it work for me.

Enter theSkimm app. I opted for the month-by-month plan when first signing up as I wanted to ensure I felt it was worth my money. Spoiler alert—it is. I love the app. It’s the same digestible news stories featured in daily emails, with audio available (which can really enhance the commute when your radio is broken!), and a full calendar of events happening around the world. It’s user-friendly, well-organized, and it’s usually the first app I open in the morning.

I love theSkimm, and I think you will too. So, wish them a happy birthday by signing up for daily emails. You can do so here, and then, be sure to let me know what you think!

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