Indianapolis Zoo Zoobilation presented by Indianapolis Power & Light Company. It’s so much more than an event!

If you missed the first post, go back and read the top 10 reasons I felt I should be selected as an #IndyZoob Street Tweet Team member. Luckily for me, one of those reasons was interesting enough I was selected to participate! Before my email confirmation was sent I had my hair appointment booked and I was starting to think about what I would wear, but bigger than that, my wheels began turning on how I could be the best ambassador for this amazing cause. That’s when it hit me…

Zoobilation is such a success because it marries a creative, exclusive event, with an outstanding cause. The Indianapolis Zoo is a privately owned, nonprofit organization, which means there is no direct tax revenue. Fundraising has been a skill the Indianapolis Zoo has had to refine in order to support their driving mission — advancing animal conservation.


2013 visit to the Indianapolis Zoo

So, let’s talk animal conservation! I’ve been visiting the zoo for years; as a child with my family, on school field trips through high school (seriously, I took zoology!), and often now with Science Kid Caiden. Yet until I started really paying attention, I didn’t realize the countless ways the Indianapolis Zoo strives to be a good steward of our natural and animal-friendly environment.

Here are a few things I was surprised to learn:

  • The Indianapolis Zoo was one of the first institutions to participate in the Species Survival Plan® (SSP). This means that animals threatened or endangered in the wild are intentionally housed in zoos to ensure their survival and species preservation. 
  • The Indianapolis Zoo is the Tarangire Elephant Projects’ largest contributor helping to protect the fastest growing population of African elephants on the continent by keeping their migration routes open and free of poachers. (And let’s face it, that baby elephant might be the cutest, ever!)
  • The Indianapolis Zoo is also spearheading various research initiatives that provides insights on biology and behavior; information invaluable to animal conservation. Research initiatives change in an ongoing fashion

Go learn more here.

…And those are just three ways! I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the Indianapolis Zoo’s efforts to Go Green and support sustainability. The Bicentennial Pavilion will not only be a wonderful destination to meet the macaws, it’s an innovative example of sustainability. The building was designed to help repurpose rainwater through a “rain chain” a system that helps water seep into the landscape. There are multiple features of this building that have incorporated sustainable efforts, so don’t take my word for it, go read more!

Sustainability efforts also include:

  • Use of 100% green electricity – thank you Indianapolis Power & Light Company!
  • A green rooftop for the orangutan exhibit – the best view to see friends hang ten, and
  • Power Recycling Weekends – opportunities for you to ensure your unwanted electronics are recycled in environmentally-friendly ways.

I’ve touched on a few ways that the Indianapolis Zoo is supporting animal conservation, but there are so many more! Be sure to click the links embedded throughout this post for a deeper dive into topics I’ve touched on. I’ll leave you with some photos of my favorite Indianapolis Zoo friends, and encourage you to check back for more on my coverage of #IndyZoob!

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