#IndyZoob choose me!

The Indianapolis Zoo Zoobilation returns this June and tickets are already sold out! Luckily, for me, an old boss (turned mentor) reached out with a tip that the Indianapolis Zoo is searching for Street Tweet Team members, and after some investigating I learned there’s only one thing that qualifies you: a creative reason why! 

One reason is great, but I wanted to distinguish myself some, so continue reading for ten reasons I would love to be a member of the fashion #IndyZoob Street Tweet Team:

  1. Fashion includes attitude, which is a quality the macaws share! My reports will include updates on how guests are wearing their outfits throughout the event. Comfortability matters!
  2. Macaws love entertaining, and I’ll be sure to report on the most fashionable guests who are also the most fun to cover as the event progresses!
  3. The most fashion forward folks have the perfect feathers for every occasion! I’ll be sure to highlight my favorite accessories throughout the event.
  4. Toes not talons – I’ll notice every detail and be sure to report on the most popular nail polish colors during the event!
  5. Macaws love to socialize and entertain, just like the best fashionistas! My fashion updates will include details about favorite lip colors spotted during the event.
  6. Just like the macaws I embrace every pop of color! Reports will share popular colors, styles and materials as guests arrive.
  7. I love a good party, but I especially love a good party that benefits a meaningful cause! What’s better than raising money to support the Indianapolis Zoo?
  8. Birds of a feather flock together! My reports will include details about both men’s and women’s fashion.
  9. Big hair, big fun! Just like the macaws, big hairstyles can make (or break) an outfit! I’ll report on the vast array of hairstyles spotted during the event.
  10. I have a little over 5 years of prior social media experience and would love the opportunity to join the #IndyZoob team!

Here’s to hoping I’m selected! Oh, and here’s a quick photo of one of my favorite zoo trips, featuring another feathered friend I got to mingle with.

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