Local spotlight: Firebelly.

Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing we’re all short on these days, it’s time. Between the constant emails, endless meetings and stack of things we need to get done on any given day, it’s hard to find a few moments to read for leisure. But, that doesn’t make it any less important to the creative process!

In full disclosure, I’m not a huge blog reader. Since I’ve started my own, I’ve tried to be more engaged in the blogosphere. But honestly, could anyone else benefit from a 40 hour day?! Despite my infancy in the wonderful world of blogging, I’ve found a blog that I really love, for more than a few reasons. Enter Firebelly. Let’s break down why I love the Firebelly blog in three quick reasons:

  1. It’s relevant.

Reading fun blogs can be super entertaining, but the demand on the short 24 hours in a day makes it difficult for many of us to read things that won’t somehow benefit the work that we’re doing. That’s why I appreciate the Firebelly blog. The content is almost always relevant, well-researched and timely. First big win.

  1. It’s concise.

Again, I enjoy reading, but I’m short on time. Firebelly does a wonderful job keeping blog posts short, sweet and to the point – three things I look for in a blog. Most of the blogs are broken down into suggested tips, bullet points or lists, making it even easier to absorb the deep dive and move immediately into implementation.

  1. It’s reliable.

As a consumer of news and information, how often can you say you trust what you’re reading?… Bueller…? That’s right, hardly ever. But, what I appreciate most is when content is sourced. If I have a question about the validity in what I’m reading, or I’m interested in reading more on the topic, I can easily find related, reliable content to explore.

As a PR pro, time is of the essence! I stumbled upon the Firebelly blog on Facebook (thanks Facebook targeting!), and I’ve signed up for ongoing communication from the company, and independently frequented the blog a few times. Whether the content is brand new, or a helpful reminder, I’m always happy I paused to read!

Visit the Firebelly blog here and while you’re there, check out one of my favorite blogs by Firebelly CEO Duncan Alney here.


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