Red Dress Dash


Today I learned two important things: 1. I don’t have many red clothing items in my wardrobe. 2. #NationalHeartMonth is about so much more than the color red.

My grandparents are/were divorced, two remarried. I say that as a precursor to what I say next, 4 out of my 6 total grandparents have been touched by heart disease and/or congestive heart failure. All four were blessed that they didn’t lose their lives to heart disease, but not everyone is so lucky.

As I shared in a recent post, I’ve just started as a Promotions Director for two radio stations in Indianapolis. Alongside the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women (R), today we hosted the Red Dress Dash.

February is #NationalHeartMonth, and the Red Dress Dash is the kick-off event that serves to engage the community in taking steps to improve their heart health. While I’ll leave it to the experts at the American Heart Association to advise you on how to improve your heart health, I did want to address a story I read here. 

Heart health isn’t always about being physically active and eating well. Genetic factors and high-stress lifestyles (among physical activity and overall nutrition) can predispose a seemingly healthy individual to heart disease later in life. This February, I think we can all make small strides to re-frame how we think about heart health. Whether it’s a commitment to a minimum daily step goal, a balanced meal-plan, or designated time to recharge from a busy life, there are goals we can set now that will improve our heart health into the future.

Ready to commit to a change? Comment below if you’re ready to take your heart health into your own hands, and keep scrolling to see a collage of photos from today’s event!

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