Kate Spade Sailor Knot


I’ve been knotted lately. You tell a single mom who’s worked at least 2 (at times 3) jobs the last 10 ish years that she’s going to have weeks off in between jobs – it just threw me off! Despite the fact that I’m going to work for an amazing company, and continuing to teach on the side, the whole routine is going to change. While I’m confident that said change will be for the best, I’ve been grappling with the uneasy feelings that change can bring over the last few weeks.

When I saw the bracelet in-store I was immediately drawn to it, but I couldn’t exactly determine why. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for a cute accessory. But it quickly brought to life the uneasiness I was feeling and the realization that eventually inspired this post: knots make life worth living.

Life is undeniably filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows; yet as those knots are tied, we have choices about what we tie ourselves too. The end of 2016 was filled with a great deal of change in my world, and while I believe change is incredibly important, it can be difficult to go through. Yet as 2017 gets underway, I’m reminded that I have a choice in what knots will define me.

A brilliant son, a thriving career, an amazing tribe behind me – I’m knotted in the best ways, and what’s better, is now I can focus on the positive knots instead of getting tied-down by the negative ones. I can’t think of a better attitude, or accessory to take with me on my first day!

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