Drumroll please…

The last few weeks in between positions has been wonderful. I’ve gotten quite handy (see here for specifics), indulged in a Sex and the City marathon (because, why not catch up on the classics?!), and cherished some quality time with Science Kid Caiden and cuddly little Einstein. But next week, it’s back to work I go, and I’m so excited to officially share where I’m headed next…

Next week , I’ll return to Emmis Communications in Indianapolis as the WIBC/WYXB Promotions Director. Having worked there before I started with Fishers, I can’t say enough about the talented people, projects and ideas swirling in the company. I feel quite blessed to be returning to radio, hopefully a little brighter and wiser after some time away! More to come, I”m sure, but in the meantime I’m celebrating the start of a new chapter.

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