Downtime distractions, er, projects.

Hello, my name’s Casey and I’m a workaholic. *That’s your cue, “hi, Casey!” No really, listen, when I say I’ve never not been plugged in. I truly mean since I began working I’ve always had a job (or multiple jobs) that required I always be plugged in for various reasons. So as I was anticipating a small break in between my previous position, before starting my new gig (details haven’t been shared yet, stay tuned!), I knew I’d need some distractions and this week those came in the shape of a DIY project. That said, I wouldn’t ever describe myself as handy. I’d actually probably lead with a joke about not being able to be handy because.. well, I get my nails done! But in the last 48 hours, I’ve prioritized the DIY.

As a single, working mama, I intentionally chose a condo. I just couldn’t commit to the yard work a house requires, and to be totally honest, I really wanted to minimize the cleaning that a house would require. So Caiden, Einstein and I make it work in a 2,000 sq. ft. condo, and it’s perfect! The overeager beaver I am, I pretty much had a project list started the day we moved in. (You laugh, yet I’m so serious!) I wanted to be realistic about the time and cost these projects would take to complete, again, keeping in mind I’m not the handiest gal out here. But over the last few weeks, and after watching my badass neighbor D knock out some awesome projects at her place, I decided I should give DIY a try!

Over the weekend, D and I added backsplash to my kitchen and I could not be more in love. My condo is certainly a neutral palate – I like to think of it as Restoration Hardware on a budget! My entire first floor is painted cloudy grey with darker grey furniture and Mercury glass inspired decor. That said, I have an 11 year old and a rescue dog that thinks he’s a human, so it’s livable and I like to think cozy! In the kitchen, I typically accent as the seasons change, primarily with aqua blue in the spring/summer and red in the fall/winter. Due to the fact that I’m part neat freak and part plain Jane, I try to keep my counters clear. That said, my kitchen is dark in the evening after the sun has moved to the other side of the building, and with dark cabinets and wood floors, I knew I needed to brighten things up with the backsplash.


Before Backsplash

It’s funny because outside of my home, I’m a calm, composed decision-maker. But when it comes to my living space, I second-guess a million times before I decide, so choosing  backsplash pattern might have been the hardest part of this experience… might! I finally landed on Arctic Ice, (from Home Depot) a very subtle sea-foam green that I hoped would brighten things up in between the dark wood features. It took a few trips to Lowe’s for trim, adhesive and grout, almost all afternoon Sunday, and most of the morning today, but the tiles have been adhered, grout laid and kitchen reassembled!

The project wasn’t easy, despite D’s amazing guidance, but I’m so glad that I opted to do it myself. I may not be handy yet, but this DIY project was surely only the first. Considering a backsplash project of your own? Leave questions for me in the comments section, I’m happy to share more about the steps I took to get from simple to shining!

Searching for a photo of the completed project?

Head over to my Instagram account to see what my kitchen looks like now that the backsplash is installed! You can also check out a video of the area I covered.



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