When one door closes…

As the sun set in the Nickel Plate District this evening, it also sets on my last official day with the City of Fishers. While I anticipated it would be hard to leave this community, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to close the door on this chapter. 

For those of you who haven’t kept up with my blog, you can visit earlier posts to learn more about my connection to my community. Born and raised here, things truly came full circle when I was hired in 2013 as the Marketing & PR Manager.

When I started it was with sheer excitement, as I shared on the 3 Year Cheer. When I accepted my first position with Fishers, I couldn’t have imagined how quickly I would transition into my second position. Looking back now, I’m so thankful for the evolution that has taken place within my role and myself as a professional during my time here. Outside of the amazing projects I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of, I’ve worked alongside some of the most talented people I know. But beyond that, living and working in the same community, my son has been able to see how my work has helped contribute to our community.

So, as I look back, here are the three experiences I’m most proud of.

#3 – Community Partnerships

It sounds silly, but at the end of the day, the parts of my job that I’ve loved most are being able to work with people and connect them to each other and opportunities. I was able to do this working with our Nickel Plate District Business council, by creating digital toolkits to ensure coordinated social media campaigns for our local farmers markets and parks’ events, and our Shop Fishers event in November.

During the 2016 Shop Fishers event, three of our local businesses hosted their largest shopping days, ever! For one business that was in 15 years and the other it was 42 years. That also included over a 40% increase of sales for two stores and an increase of 15% in sales for another. You can read more about the success of that event, here.


#2 – Digital Platform

This is a big one, so bear with me! Coming into this role, I knew I’d be managing social media, but I could have never anticipated how much my knowledge of the digital platform would evolve.

Over the course of three years I assisted with 11 social media accounts across three platforms, operated and maintained the City of Fishers’ website, email marketing campaigns, and was solely responsible for the creation and management of the Nickel Plate District (NPD) mobile app and the Team Fishers employee engagement app.

The NPD app achieved roughly 5,000 downloads and was a vital tool in supporting our local businesses in the district. Our Team Fishers app was a bit different in that it was aimed at better communicating with our employees and helping to build our culture as an organization. The Team Fishers app reached around 250 downloads within the first two days it was live, beating our goal of 140 downloads within the first 30 days. Both of these apps will be incredibly hard to walk away from, because if anyone’s heard me talk about them out loud, you know I believe a good app is in constant evolution!

Social media, or the use of social media to support the Fishers Parks & Recreation department was also a huge success for me during my time at Fishers. In 2016 alone, the platforms achieved over a 100% increase in fans, 200% increase in impressions and 170% of engagement. I have no doubt that some of those percentages are directly correlated to the increase in attendance at our events.

Movies in the Park 2016

# 1 – My Son’s School Visit to City Hall

Perhaps the best part about working for the community that you live in, is watching your son notice the work that you do. As a single parent, work is inevitable. But being able to do work that makes my son proud – that is everything. While at Fishers, I was able to coordinate a field trip for his then second grade class. The 150 ish students stopped by for a three hour time block to visit with community development, stormwater, Fishers Fire Department and Fishers Police Department, and I will never forget his comment that night when he got off the bus.

“Mom, all my friends think you’re the coolest!”

To this day, every so often I’ll hear about how impressed his friends were that his mom planned their field trip. You see, that’s at the heart of what my time at Fishers means to me. It was an opportunity for me to begin my career in an incredibly meaningful way, with brilliant and talented people, from the top down. It’s difficult to face reality that I won’t return in 2017 for another year of adventures, though I’m sure Fishers will continue to set the bar higher and higher!

Field Trip to City Hall

So I’ll leave this story to be continued! While I am excited to announce what chapter lies ahead, for now, I’m thankful for a moment to reflect on an amazing run with the City of Fishers.

5 thoughts on “When one door closes…

  1. Katy Mann says:

    Congrats Casey! You are brilliant and these stats and numbers are a great measurable way to see that. There are so many other things that are immeasurable and your fingerprints will be all over Fishers for decades to come!

    Liked by 1 person

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