Hello, fall.

fall meme
I really tried to wait until October 1st to officially pull out the Halloween decorations and the apple cinnamon candles, but I failed! I love fall. The vibrant colors that start peeking through the trees, the crisp breeze under the fall sun, and, let us not forget, fall fashion! Yet this year, fall is reminding me of how quickly the year has passed, and how much more still needs to be done.

As a self-proclaimedapple orchardd workaholic, I never shy away from the hustle. I love working hard, working fast and giving my all to my career. If you’ve kept up with the blog, you know that in September that was certainly the case! In my big girl job alone, I was charged with the creation and management of a new employee engagement tool (Team Fishers), a roll-out event, and miscellaneous other items. But this also holds true as a mom.

I noticed at the end of September, fifth grade intensified. We went from little to no homework, to an hour or so a night Coupled with projects, tests and our extracurricular commitments, I feel like I leave work and transition immediately into taxi driver, then chef, followed by drill sergeant when homework time arrives. I catch myself amazed at how quickly the days pass, let alone how fast the weeks fly. In the midst of the chaos, I’ve been waiting on Mother Nature to throw me a decent day. With hopes to visit a local orchard, I kept my eyes on the forecast.Tuttle Orchard

Saturday was overcast and the temperature was mild, so off to Tuttle Orchard we went. Science Kid Caiden and I pet llamas and goats, picked pumpkins off of the vines (p.s. did pumpkin stems always have pricklies on them?!), enjoyed a hayride and picked apples. It was the perfect fall day. Unplugged, outdoors.

I feel like days like this are good for the soul. Outside of slowing down and laughing, nothing trumps the memories we were able to make. And now that the work week is back underway, let the hustle continue! Because maybe if you make the most of each moment, you really can do it all.


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