Team Fishers – Empowering employees & creating advocates

Last November I was able to attend the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference in Atlanta. Stay tuned because there will be more to come on the 2016 International Conference (in Indy, you can register here!), and because I’m a networking queen I spent at least two hours at the networking fair. While there, I connected with a variety of organizations, many of which were in the industry of employee engagement. When I returned to Indy, I shared many of the lingering ideas with my boss, and while I was able to implement a great deal of what I learned, there was never a great opportunity to tackle employee engagement. Until now. 

For some context, the City of Fishers currently has the Nickel Plate District mobile app, available for download on Apple and Android. You can read more about this app and how we use it to support local businesses in our ‘downtown’ Nickel Plate District on a LinkedIn post I published a while back. So it should come as no surprise that when the Mayor decided our organization would adopt an employee engagement app, I was called to the table.

I was initially intimidated. Our developers (shouout to BlueBridge Digital and Emplify – woot woot!), quickly informed me that most apps are maintained by 2-4 employees. There are those that strategize, those who make changes within the app to keep content current, and often a designated individual who facilitates push notifications. But, we’re local goTeam Fishersvernment, and the reality of our industry is that as an organization we’re lean and mean. So the thought of maintaining two incredibly different mobile apps was a bit overwhelming. But, the impact of such app would revolutionize our organization. (Can you tell I’m a girl who loves a challenge?)

So, there it is, the birth of Team Fishers. But as I embarked on the quest, it became incredibly clear that the genius of mobile apps is that the best apps are in constant evolution. The users dictate everything from content to interface, and this is where the fun began! Team Fishers was created in an effort to do two separate things: (1) better communicate HR-related content and (2) ensure the Mayor’s vision of a smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial community permeated our organization the way it had our city.

Now that you’ve got some context, I’m going to encourage you to stay tuned! There’s a whole lot more of this story to tell, and I hope you’ll return to read that on a later post.

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