3 C’s for Casey – Part III: Communication

And just like that, I’ve reached part III of my series, 3 C’s for Casey. If you missed the overview post or part II, no worries – you can check them out and return when you’re ready! But if you’re anxiously awaiting part III, here we go…

Communication. I’ve struggled to pinpoint exactly where I was going to dive into this topic. Communication has been so much more than a work skill for me. Communication was at the core of my education, both my bachelors and master’s degrees centered on the power of communication, in every capacity. That context given, when I think about communication there are a few reasons why I value it so much in my workplace.

Unlike most, communication to me is a function as well as an attitude and I would even argue reflective of the mindset within a company. A pillar of our organization, communication speaks to the ability for our 10 plus departments to work in a synergized effort towards common goals and missions. The ability to have open communication ensures that employees are well-informed, strategies are clear and well-thought through, and campaigns are situated for success.

But beyond that, communication enables employees to feel engaged in their organization. When my boss assumed her role I was about 6 months into my position and soaking things up like a sponge. I watched her implement a few very important practices that demonstrated to me the power of communication when it comes to attitude towards work. Those two things included: (1) sending media clips internally to help employees keep a pulse on city happenings and accomplishments and (2) communicating with our team specifically about council meetings, director meetings and projects coming down the pipeline. She along with our leadership team, began creating a culture in our organization where employees were informed on the front end versus hearing about happenings on the 5 p.m. news, something that certainly makes our team feel valued.

Given the role of a PR/communication/marketing professional, it’s almost necessary to have a pulse on everything taking shape – for me, that means everything in my community. I may meet a local journalist for coffee and within 40 minutes we’ve covered everything from road projects to parks programs to the new police app – sound familiar?! Communication enables professionals in our industry to speak and act accurately and strategically.

There you have it, my elevator pitch explained! I hope it’s been somewhat helpful, even if just to catalyst your thoughts about your ideal work environment or skills you bring to the table. So, I’ll end this the same way I started… Strategic planner, ambitious thinker! My name’s Casey, and I’m eager to continue learning while engaging with professionals who realize the potential of creativity, collaboration and communication.

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