3 C’s for Casey – Part 1: Creativity

In an earlier post (see here) I talked about the elevator pitch of my personal brand, and today I’m going to expand on that some by exploring the first of the 3 C’s. [Note: Yes, I intentionally choose C. What can I say? It’s my letter!] 

Creativity. (Jeez, could I have picked a broader term?) My career is relatively new. I’ve been working in a corporate setting for about 5 years, and I thrive on a creative environment. By that I mean, I like working for leaders that encourage me to think outside of the box, welcome wacky ideas and embrace trying something new. For me, creativity is imperative in a few ways:

  1. Being creative in strategy. This especially resonates within a community like Fishers, in our parks & recreation department. I serve at the PIO (Public Information Officer) for Fishers Parks & Recreation and have since hiring on with Fishers. When I first started, the department hosted a variety of smaller programs alongside larger community-wide events, and after surveying the community it was clear the demand changed. The public was calling for less programing and more, larger, community-wide opportunities. This demand hasn’t changed much since we realized it in early 2014, and my job as park’s PIO/marketing/social media manager is to be creative in my tactics. The same messaging and social media campaigns may get old, and in an effort to keep things from getting stale, I have to strategically inject creative ideas into promoting and bringing awareness to event.
  2. Creative partnerships make my life a whole lot easier! Using the same example presented above, I’ve had to work on being creative about the partnerships I help build within the community. If you’re a PR professional, I’ll assume you already know the power of third party storytelling, and partners make wonderful advocates for your brand. Our parks department offers programs and events for children as young as 2 up to seniors over 60, and there are opportunities to connect with audiences that fall everywhere in between. Beyond age demographics, our parks department serves a community of almost 90,000 residents. You can imagine the vast array of economic, lifestyle, and interest variances found within our community, and that excludes residents in surrounding communities! The ability to create partnerships with organizations that have similar missions or serve similar audiences has helped us increase our audience, awareness, attendance and engagement.
  3. Lastly, I appreciate a creative work place! In my eyes, Fishers is unlike any other local municipality that I’m aware of. We are a community that hinges on an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative culture, which makes work incredibly interesting and fun. This kind of environment certainly isn’t for anyone, but I struggle to imagine myself being as fulfilled in something different.

So there you have it, I appreciate creativity, but that’s not all. Stay tuned to read about the other 2 C’s that guide my personal brand!

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