3 C’s for Casey – the Overview

Casey Cawthon LinkedInAs a young professional, in the PR/marketing/communication realm, it can be really difficult to distinguish myself from peers in the industry. With such a versatile skill set, it can be really challenging to determine what characteristics make me different from those around me. Luckily for me, I work for a leader that has challenged me since our first day working together to think about my brand. Your personal brand is as equally important as the brand you manage or advocate for, and today I’m going to share what I hope sets my personal brand apart from those around me. 

When I started thinking about my personal brand, it was as the Town of Fishers was embarking on the transition to become the City of Fishers. As this transition got underway, my boss helped our organization and departments come up with what she deemed an “elevator pitch”. Essentially, this was a short statement, a sentence or two, that encompassed who we are and a very high level statement about what we do. As I applied this in my professional world, I quickly came up with:

Strategic planner, ambitious thinker! My name’s Casey, and I’m eager to continue learning while engaging with professionals who realize the potential of creativity, collaboration and communication.”

#nailedit… in my eyes at least! This statement depicts who I am as a young professional and highlights exactly what I bring to the table. I peppered it throughout my digital platform, and I almost always lead with it when asked about who I am at networking events. Creating a personal elevator pitch is also one of the first suggestions I provide my students. If you know who you are, you can determine where you can add value in any opportunity! Stay tuned, I plan to go further in depth on each of these topics in the future. In the meantime, enjoy creating your elevator pitch!

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