To do lists, planner and organizations… back to school we go!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a type A personality. I love my planner, I require checklists to ensure I’m getting things done, I’m calm when my week is mapped out ahead of time, and I get extreme gratification checking those little boxes off! With the start of a new school year and a fifth grade student in a new school, I was feeling the pinch as a single mom to ensure our schedules matched up. Between both of my jobs, my commitment as a board member and Science Kid Caiden’s Tae Kwon Do classes, piano lessons and homework – I knew I needed a plan. Luckily for me, there are a few easy things I could do make both of our lives easier. 

I joke I can’t go to Target without someone with me to ensure I stick to the list (okay folks, I’m not the only one!), but over the weekend I was able to go rogue from the list and browse the discount section. Pictured below you’ll see two different bulletin boards: one cork and one chalk. Priced at $3 and small enough they could fit in a bathroom or closet, they were exactly what we needed! Science Kid Caiden was thrilled when a “caption board” popped up in his bathroom. Granted I could only commit to changing his quotes, goals and schedule Post-It Notes weekly, it’s a great way for me to help him create the habit of looking and planning ahead. (I know, I’m a little neurotic, but I find planning ahead a great tool to ensuring success – I mean let’s be honest, none of us like last minute projects we have to throw together!) He’s excited to use the board as a reminder and reference it daily so he knows “what his day looks like”. Mom win? I think so!

I went ahead and got myself a board as well, because, admittedly, I love planning! But beyond just planning my week ahead, I’d like to use my board as an accountability tool. With life happening from every direction (which I’m sure you understand), I don’t hold myself accountable in the gym or the kitchen like I should. Now, each time I walk in my closet (aka my happy place), I’ll be reminded of my goals for the day. Casey win? Absolutely. Oh, as an additional suggestion, consider chalk markers – think less dust with an easy water wipe to clean. #andiwinagain

You’ll also see pictured my day planner courtesy of Sugar Paper Los Angeles, one of my favorites! You’re talking to a girl who could easily have 10 planners, so let me tell you what I love most about this one:

  1. The monthly and weekly views are right next to each other! I work in public relations (see earlier blog post), and I’m constantly working to keep track of different projects, announcement dates and deadlines. The ability to flip easily from month to week helps me manage all of my deadlines and drop dates.
  2. The lists have check boxes – see above and my love for marking things complete!
  3. The color. I can be a bit bold when it comes to color choice, but the soft pink is perfect for meetings with the Mayor, interviews with local media or students at my university. I was a little hesitant it might pick up dirt easily, but I’ve found one wipe with Windex and it’s clean all over again.
  4. Lastly, the cost! At a mere $14.99, I couldn’t go wrong. I know there are millions of planner options out there, but this is the one for me! Buy yours here.

So, that’s our plan. Look ahead, make SMART goals and set off for fifth grade on the right foot. Happy planning from our family to yours!

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